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Teqal Innovates with a World-First In-Mould Labelled Jar

Teqal Innovates with a world-first in-mould labelled Jar

30 Jul – written by P & C Review


Teqal Creative Packaging is a quality manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging servicing the cosmetic, personal care and industrial markets. Its experienced team will guide you on your creative journey from design to successful launch and commercialisation of your rigid packaging.

The company was established in February 2017 when Sean Kirkham (ex-Consupaq), his wife, Renee (ex-Consupaq) and Dean Mitchel (seasoned tool maker) went into business together. They started small, operating out of premises at the Dube TradePort alongside King Shaka International Airport in KwaZulu-Natal. Successfully surpassing the greenfield stage of establishing a new business, Teqal has grown substantially over the past two years, capturing a fair share of the market while investing heavily in research  and development. The company is highly energy and production efficient. It employs servo driven machinery, which is the most efficient in the market, while using robots and automation to maintain a holistic approach to projects. In doing so, Teqal only ever delivers the most cost-efficient solution across the entire supply chain, be it a premium jar or a mainstream closure.


A first in South Africa and worldwide, Teqal has introduced a 500mℓ lightweight circular jar with a full wraparound in-mould label (IML). The packaging has the premium look of a shrink-sleeve label and is fully covered, yet the cost per unit is reduced as in-mould labelling is far more cost-effective.

Being a world first, the company has patented the technology it developed to produce this unique IML jar. Not only is the packaging lightweight, it also requires less energy and polymer to be produced. Combining the decoration process with the moulding process cuts the total cost of the product and is far more sustainable than packaging with a shrink-sleeve or self-adhesive label.


Teqal’s 500mℓ IML jar is fully recyclable, as it’s made up of a combination of polypropylene and ink. The production technology is not only attractive but also highly efficient as it’s a one- step process, with no post handling. Once the jars are produced; they are delivered to the customer where they are placed directly onto the filling line. This ensures no inefficiency later on in the production stream.

The decoration process is also one of the most efficient ways of transferring images onto packaging. Using its patented technology, Teqal can achieve a full wrap print including coverage of the bottom  radius, or corner area of the pack, which has never been done before. The full- wrap look gives you shrink-sleeve aesthetics but with the economic and ecological benefits of in-mould labelling.

The size impression of Teqal’s 500mℓ IML jar is next level compared to competitor IML jars on the market. The cap is also unique in that Teqal created a dimple cap for locking and stacking packs on shelf. This has allowed the company to free up a heap of new design shapes for caps creating more opportunities for brand and product differentiation.


Teqal is an award-winning company, which received its first Gold Pack Award in 2019. The company entered  its Reflections jar in the Health, Beauty, Medical & Pharmaceutical Packaging category.

According to feedback received from the Institute of Packaging SA, Teqal won the award for “the clever use of a combination of polymers, which maximised the visual impact of this pack, while reducing costs and retaining functionality. A clear outer lid, combined with a high-gloss silver foil band on the jar, add to the pack’s aesthetic appeal”.

Since its inception in 1973, the Gold Pack Awards has grown in prestige. Today, it’s recognised as the South African showcase for the packaging industry.