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Injection Mould Label (IML) Jars

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Injection Mould Label (IML) Jars: The Perfect Packaging Solution

A new in-mould labelling (IML) technique was created to manufacture this jar. A dimpled cap design and a full wraparound IML results in jars with a no-label look. The cap contains a transfer device that presents a leaflet, sachet or promotional item to consumers with the pack but is isolated and protected from the product inside.

An Injection Mould Label (IML) jar is a type of packaging used in various industries, including the food and beauty industries. In this process, the label is inserted into the mould of the container during the manufacturing process, creating a seamless look and feel that is both attractive and durable. The label is moulded onto the container.



Our patented IML Jars are unique because our label covers the full surface of the jar, creating a borderless look. The label goes around the radiused base of the jar.


Transfer Shive


Aesthetically Pleasing and Functional

One of the main benefits of IML jars is their ability to provide a high-quality, premium look that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The label is a crucial part of the design, and by integrating it into the mould, it becomes an integral part of the packaging itself. This process ensures that the label remains in place, is durable, and can withstand the rigours of the manufacturing process, transportation, and handling.

Fully Customisable

Another advantage of IML jars is that they are fully customisable, offering a vast range of design options. Companies can choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, and colours, as well as adding unique design features, such as textures or embossing, to create a unique and recognisable brand identity.



Labels are decorated digitally for small run sizes and using traditional litho, flexo or gravure printing for bigger run sizes. Cold foiling is available for large and small run sizes.

New to the market is a fully metallised label.


Pack Sizes

Sizes available in:
Other sizes are in development; enquire for more information.


Teqal -
Plastic Neutral

Environmentally Responsible

IML jars are also more environmentally responsible than other forms of packaging, as they use less material and are fully recyclable. The seamless integration of the label into the container also eliminates the need for adhesives, further reducing the environmental impact.

Cost-Effective and Durable

IML jars offer a cost-effective, attractive, and durable packaging solution. Their innovative design features and flexibility make them an excellent choice for companies looking to differentiate themselves and create a memorable brand identity.

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