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Duo Jars – Case Study

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Duo Jars – Case Study

The main feature of this duo jar design is the inclusion of a 60ml bottle within the body of the jar. The combined pack is stackable and utilises space efficiently to ensure maximum use of shelf space at retailers and to reduce transportation/storage costs.

The bottle has a unique cap that clips into the underside of the jar with a pleasing snap. The duo jars are supplied in 500ml and 250ml sizes, providing a complete relaxer kit in a single-pack format.

The Complete Offering

“Our complete offering is truly next-level,” explains Sean. “By combining top-notch skills with the latest equipment, much of which is sourced from Europe, Teqal can offer more than ever before. We’ve also brought design and injection mould tooling in-house to ensure that our customers’ projects remain confidential and sustainable.”

Plastic Neutral

Environmentally Responsible

Another advantage of our Jars is that they are environmentally responsible, as they use less material than other forms of packaging and are fully recyclable.

In summary, our Jars offer a cost-effective, attractive, and durable packaging solution that is fully customisable and environmentally responsible.

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