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Cosmetics Packaging

High Quality, Customisable Solutions

Use our latest Reflections 50ml jar platform
to customise your brand.

Teqal’s Reflections Cosmetics Jars: The Perfect Packaging Solution for Beauty Brands

Teqal’s Reflections cosmetics jars offer an innovative blend of creativity and functionality, providing beauty brands with the unique edge they need to capture and retain customers.

Customisable Designs

The cap and jar designs are fully customisable to meet each customer’s specific needs, with options ranging from flared or straight-sided caps to tapered or straight-sided jars. The foil band can be designed with a wave or classic straight shape in a variety of colours, while the base facets on the jar can also be customised.


Modern and Efficient Production Platform

Teqal uses a modern and efficient production platform, coupled with state-of-the-art tooling capabilities, to manufacture these high-quality jars. Their extensive in-house R&D capabilities include a 3D printer and factory, running Siemens NX software to deliver cutting-edge design and manufacturing solutions.

The Complete Offering

“Our complete offering is truly next-level,” explains Sean. “By combining top-notch skills with the latest equipment, much of which is sourced from Europe, Teqal can offer more than ever before. We’ve also brought design and injection mould tooling in-house to ensure that our customers’ projects remain confidential and sustainable.”

Gold Pack Awards – Case Study

The jars were matched to the colour of rooibos tea to reflect its strong connection with Rooibos. This double-walled jar uses tinted SAN outer components and gold pearlescent inner components to achieve this look.

Plastic Neutral

Environmentally Responsible

Another advantage of our Jars is that they are environmentally responsible, as they use less material than other forms of packaging and are fully recyclable.

In summary, our Jars offer a cost-effective, attractive, and durable packaging solution that is fully customisable and environmentally responsible.

Your life will be much easier

We create products that enhance the ease of use and consumer interaction with your brand.



Your concept / idea is transferred to a 3D CAD image



Robust & stable manufacturing platforms ensure continuity of quality and efficiency


High Definition photo quality images are produced to show what your design will look like in the real world. 3D printed life-like components for you to touch ad hold


Your product can be refined and adjusted quickly using these tools at our disposal

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