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Multi-Pack Jars – Case Study

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Multi-Pack Jars Case Study

A new modern jar for the premium ethnic haircare brand was required. In response, a lightweight jar was developed, which is able to present consumers with detailed instructions for use in multiple languages, thereby creating one global jar. Shape, functionality, lightweight construction, and size impression define this jar range.


TEQAL Single Pack IML Jars


Fully Customisable

Single Pack IML Jars offer a vast range of design options, including different sizes, shapes, and colours, as well as adding unique design features, such as textures or embossing, to create a unique and recognisable brand identity. This flexibility makes them an excellent choice for companies looking to differentiate themselves and create a memorable brand identity.


Plastic Neutral

Environmentally Responsible

Another advantage of Single Pack IML Jars is that they are environmentally responsible, as they use less material than other forms of packaging and are fully recyclable.

In summary, Single Pack IML Jars offer a cost-effective, attractive, and durable packaging solution that is fully customisable and environmentally responsible.

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