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Lubricant packaging shifts up a gear

Lubricant packaging shifts up a gear

01 Mar – written by PPM – Packaging and Print Media

As reported in PPM January 2019, Teqal is producing a range of caps and closures designed specifically for the automotive sector’s needs at its state-of-the-art facility in the Dube TradePort (KZN). These lightweight components include a tamper-evident cap, plug and spout.

‘When the end-user unscrews the cap, the tamper-evident band breaks, and a hidden spout appears out of the bottle,’ says marketing director Sean Kirkham.

‘Once the spout is fully extended, it locks into place because the plug prevents it from pushing back when in use. There’s also an oil wiper seal, located on the inside of the plug, which keeps the oil in the bottle during the spout extraction process.’

When the cap is removed, the spout can be bent or shaped by hand to access any vehicle’s hard-to-reach gearbox, Sean explains. The spout also features a class-leading length of 115mm, which assists in accessing the gearbox filler port. In addition to these gear oil-specific closures, Teqal offers tamper-evident IHS (induction heat seal) and EXP (expanded polyethylene)-lined closures to suit other lube market requirements across all bottle sizes, including motor oil, antifreeze and brake fluid applications.

Sean adds that the caps can be colour matched to suit customers’ needs and that branding’s possible on the cap tops. The lHS liners can also be printed to include branding or information on the seal, which becomes visible once the cap is removed.

‘All components are manufactured from the same material and can be recycled with the bottles they accompany. Teqal also prides itself on using the latest energy-efficient servo-electric technologies to minimise environmental impacts and costs,’ he concludes.

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