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How strategic partnerships make Teqal a sustainable learning company.

Teqal, a leading manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging servicing the Cosmetic, Personal Care and Industrial markets, has always been committed to finding ways to reduce their environmental footprint. Teqal strive to be a sustainable and learning company, and we have been able to do this due to our strategic partners in e-deaf, WILDTRUST, Dube Tradeport, OVS Solutions and PFSA (Plastics SA Academy For Learning & Development).


Teqal successfully use eDeaf to place their disabled employees. They assist with sourcing candidates, supplying their CV’s, making introductions, and supplying an interpreter for interviews. Teqal have successfully employed many deaf employees because of this well-run, caring, knowledgeable company.
“We are proud to have deaf employees as part of our team,” said Sean Kirkham, Director of Teqal. “Their talent brings diversity to our workforce, and we are committed to providing them with a supportive and inclusive workplace. eDeaf have provided the support we need to make this possible.”
But Teqal’s commitment to our deaf employees goes beyond just job placement. We have also worked closely with Plastics SA Academy For Learning & Development (PFSA), who have done a stellar job accommodating our deaf employees who are doing NQF training. Their commitment is paramount to the successful training of our employees, and they have gone to great lengths to accommodate our deaf employees. We are most grateful for their support.

“Our goal is to create a learning culture within our company, and that means providing equal opportunities for all of our employees, regardless of their background or abilities,” said Renee Kirkham, CFO of Teqal.

Wildtrust, through their Blue Port Project, has partnered with Teqal to become 100% plastic waste neutral. Teqal will convert plastic waste into packaging, while an equal amount of post-consumer plastic waste (PCPW) will be collected from the environment and recycled. The Blue Port Project aims to reduce plastic waste in Durban Port and restore Durban Bay to its natural state. The partnership allows WILDTRUST to have sustainable finance streams to progress with the project and conduct research. The initiative illustrates the effectiveness of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) partnerships, and the success of this pilot project could lead to further upscaling. Teqal CFO Renee Kirkham urges recyclers, converters, retailers, and consumers to channel their contributions to sustainable environmental initiatives, such as WILDTRUST.
Teqal Wildtrust
Meanwhile, their partnership with Dube Tradeport has allowed Teqal to grow and expand, with the support of the Industrial Development Corporation. Dube Tradeport and Teqal have a business relationship where Teqal operates within the Dube Tradeport Special Economic Zone (SEZ). Dube Tradeport SEZ provides Teqal with a conducive business environment that enabled the company to grow and expand its operations. The SEZ offers a range of services such as access to markets, world-class infrastructure, and various incentives and benefits that are designed to support and promote business growth. Through the partnership, Teqal have received funding from the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) which has enabled them to grow their business and invest in sustainable manufacturing practices.
DUBE tradeport
Another very strategic partnership Teqal enjoys is that of OVS Solutions (Pty) Ltd, the Africa licensee of Rapid Global. OVS Solutions provides risk and compliance software, which has helped Teqal streamline our workforce risk, safety, and compliance management processes. One of the great ways this software helps us is with training our deaf employees online – we would not be able to keep onto of the ever-increasing regulations without this amazing software!
OVS and Rapid

“Our partnerships with e-deaf, Wildlands Trust, Dube Tradeport, PFSA and OVS Solutions have allowed us to become a more inclusive, sustainable, and learning company,” said Renee Kirkham. “We hope that by promoting these partnerships, we can inspire other companies to do the same and make a positive impact on our society and environment.”