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Engage the senses with creative packaging

Engage the senses with creative packaging

01 Feb – written by P & C Review

There is a new manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging on the block. Teqal was established two years ago and is now fully operational, producing classic and innovative solutions to package South Africa’s beauty and personal care products. By Abby Vorster

Packaging has to inspire consumers. These days, good design simply isn’t enough, particularly in the cosmetics industry, where packaging functionality and sustainability have become essential purchasing criteria.

It takes more than the best CAD/CAM software on the market to design and produce functional packaging that engages the senses. It requires a creative and experienced team, excellent quality raw materials and modern, energy-efficient equipment.

You’ll find all this and more, as well of some of the best brains in the business, at Teqal Creative Packaging (Teqal).

Teqal is a new manufacturer of rigid packaging for the cosmetics and personal care industry. The company was launched in February 2017 when Sean Kirkham (ex-Consupaq), his wife, Renee (ex-Consupaq) and Dean Mitchel (seasoned tool maker) went into business together. They started small, operating out of premises at the Dube TradePort alongside King Shaka International Airport in KwaZulu-Natal, and have grown substantially in the past 12 months.

‘We’re moving onto new land within the TradePort in the near future to support our growing business, which focuses on injection moulded rigid plastic packaging,’ explains Sean. ‘Using our extensive experience and creativity, we design and produce unique packaging to match and often exceed our clients’ requirements. We’re proud to have Tiaan van Zyl on our team, who has 27 years’ experience in mould design. He designed the first cosmetic jar moulds for Consupaq.’

Introducing Reflections

According to Euromonitor International, global per capita spend on beauty and personal care products is expected to continue to increase in the next three years. These products are primarily essential toiletries, such as bath and shower, hair and skin care products, which, in terms of packaging, translate into growing volumes of HDPE jars and bottles. As a result, the global packaging industry is expected to post a two percent compound annual growth rate, generating 2.6 billion units between 2017 and 2022.

Both locally and internationally, analysts predict the demand for masstige and premium beauty products will continue to grow, naturally triggering an increased need for more innovative packaging.

Teqal’s new range of Reflections cosmetics jars is a perfect packaging solution for masstige and premium beauty products. ‘Elements within the jar and cap bend and reflect light. The design incorporates a floating inner and heavy base, which, along with the cap inner, feature unique facets. The complementary elements give a premium look and engage the sense of sight. The soft feel of the cap rotation and the cap’s snap action are thoughtful additions we’ve included to engage consumers’ sense of touch,’ said Sean.

With Reflections, the company has used a magic combination of uninhibited creativity and practical functionality to offer beauty brands the differentiation they need to gain loyal consumers. The cap and jar designs are customisable based on a customer’s needs, with options ranging from a flared or straight-sided cap to a tapered or straight-sided jar. The foil band can incorporate a wave or classic straight shape with variable colours, while the facets on the base of the jar are customisable.

The jars are produced using Teqal’s modern, efficient production platform and state-of-the-art toolroom. Its in-house R&D capabilities are extensive, including a 3D printer and factory running Siemens NX software to deliver the next generation of design and manufacturing solutions. ‘Our complete offering is next level,’ Sean explains, ‘by combining the best skills in the industry with modern equipment, mostly sourced from Europe, Teqal can offer more than ever before. We have also brought design and injection mould tooling in-house to ensure our customers’ projects remain confidential and are sustainable.’

A dream team

This owner-run and managed business does more than create spectacular packaging. To sustain a high-performance team, Sean says everyone is urged to partake in physical activity. ‘Our staff is encouraged to walk, run or cycle the mountain bike trail accessible from our office,’ he comments. ‘It’s these and other finer details that are central to our success. We shoot for the stars at Teqal. Our team is made up of goal-focused individuals with specialised expertise and complementary skills who collaborate, innovate and produce consistently superior packaging for brands looking to delight consumers with beautiful, functional and sustainable packaging.’

There’s something vibrant about the company. Its commitment to the cosmetics and personal care industry to produce cost-effective, premium packaging with guaranteed supply is refreshing.

Sean adds: ‘We want to make packaging better and more sustainable in South Africa. We believe Teqal can achieve this by investing in the right skills, structure and administrative systems, along with robust compliance measures and an automated platform. Building on our strong reputation, we will also keep developing one stable production platform after another in line with market and customer demands.’

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