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Packaging Solutions

Creative Packaging

We are a quality manufacturer of rigid plastic packaging servicing the Cosmetic, Personal Care and Industrial markets. Our experienced team will guide you on your creative journey from design to successfully launching and commercialising your rigid packaging.

High-quality standards are maintained by manufacturing all components in-house, including printing, decoration and assembly.

Reflections Cosmetic JARS

Reflections Cosmetic Jars

Teqal’s Reflections cosmetics jars offer beauty brands a customisable and innovative packaging solution to stand out in a crowded market. With state-of-the-art production and extensive in-house R&D capabilities, Teqal provides next-generation design and manufacturing solutions. Discover why Teqal’s complete offering is the next level for beauty brands.


Teqal IML JAR 500ml Injection Mould Label Jar

Discover the benefits of Injection Mould Label (IML) jars, including their seamless design, customisation options, environmental friendliness, and tamper-evident seal. IML jars offer a cost-effective, durable, and attractive packaging solution for various industries.

Multi-Pack IML Jars & Duo Jars

Teqal IML Jars Packaging

Discover the benefits of Multi-Pack IML Jars and Duo Jars, two innovative packaging solutions that offer customisation, durability, tamper-evident sealing, and eco-friendliness. Ideal for companies that produce or distribute products in bulk, these packaging solutions provide a unique brand identity while reducing environmental impact.

Single Pack Jars

Teqal IML Jars Packaging

Discover the benefits of Single Pack IML Jars, an eco-friendly and highly customisable packaging solution used in the food and beauty industries. The seamless integration of the label into the container creates a tamper-evident seal and provides an attractive and durable design that can be customised to suit your brand identity.